Beyond Therapy



Private Handwriting Lessons

In our 1:1 handwriting lessons, licensed occupational therapist Maria Evgeniadis will lead your child through improving the form, size, spacing and consistency of their writing through letter writing! Bring the address of a friend or family member, or let us supply the pen pal, and Miss Maria will guide your child to developing their print or cursive skills. All materials will be included. Call to book your appointment.

One on one coaching sessions to develop strategies to be used at home to support independence in daily routines for children with sensory processing difficulties. 


Signs of sensory processing difficulties include:

  • Difficulty transitioning between activities

  • Frequent meltdowns and tantrums

  • Difficulty maintaining and controlling impulses

  • Frequent movement

  • Frequent climbing on furniture and squeezing into small spaces

  • Difficulty controlling and managing emotions independentl

  • Challenges with coordination and/or delayed milestones



We team up with a variety of locations to offer speech and language classes throughout the year, focused on meeting developmental communication milestones and preparing your child for school.

The importance of social integration and community in the development of children’s speech and language skills is stressed within the recreational setting. Evidence-based therapy techniques are offered in a small group (3-5 kids) of children with similar developmental ages to help children understand and use language and speech sounds.

Family & Parent Education Events

From time to time we have the privilege to invite other professionals to come and discuss the topics that matter to you. This sessions are typically held during a weeknight either in person or virtually. See upcoming events below.