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Speech Therapist

Lumberton, NC, USA

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

We are looking to add a skilled and energetic SLP to our team. Our ideal candidate will be comfortable with treating a variety of pediatric communication disorders, flexible, professional, team oriented, independent and motivated. Exceptional patient service delivery, outstanding interpersonal skills, and consistent ability to demonstrate clinical excellence are desired. Primary Job Duties

Monitor patients' progress and adjust treatments accordingly.
Administer speech and language evaluations, tests, or examinations to patients to collect information on type and degree of impairments, using written or oral tests or special instruments.
Develop or implement treatment plans for problems such as stuttering, delayed language, feeding disorders, or inappropriate pitch or harsh voice problems, based on own assessments and recommendations of physicians, psychologists, or social workers.
Instruct clients in techniques for more effective communication.
Teach clients to control or strengthen tongue, jaw, face muscles, or breathing mechanisms.
Consult with and advise educators or medical staff on speech or hearing topics, such as communication strategies or speech and language stimulation.
Design, develop, or employ alternative diagnostic or communication devices or strategies.
Communicate with non-speaking students, using sign language or computer technology.
Evaluate speech and language test results and medical or background information to diagnose and plan treatment for speech, language, fluency, voice, or feeding disorders.
Write reports and maintain proper documentation of information, such as client Medicaid or billing records or caseload activities, including the initial evaluation, treatment, progress, and discharge of clients.
Develop individual or group activities or programs in schools to deal with behavior, speech, language, or feeding problems.
Participate in and write reports for meetings regarding patients' progress, such as individualized educational planning (IEP) meetings, in-service meetings, or intervention assistance team meetings.
Educate patients and family members about various topics, such as communication techniques or strategies to cope with or to avoid personal misunderstandings.
Participate in conferences, training, continuing education courses, or publish research results to share knowledge of new hearing or speech disorder treatment methods or technologies.
Supervise or collaborate with therapy team.
Consult with and refer clients to additional medical or educational services.


  • NJ license and ASHA CCC preferred. Open to clinical fellowship for the right candidate.

  • Must be available after school until 7pm at least 2 nights a week and Saturdays.

  • Must be independent and comfortable working with minimal supervision.

  • Feeding experience recommended.

About the Company

At Balanced Child, our mission is to help identify communication, motor, and perceptual barriers and develop skills to achieve functional, measurable outcomes that will help families develop a more balanced life.

Balanced Child Pediatric Therapy is a growing private practice offering speech and occupational therapy on an outpatient basis. We are passionate about empowering parents and caregivers to assist in their child's development.

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